Saturday, 30 March 2013

Faux fur vest

The must-have faux fur vest...

I found this piece of faux fur on sale and it looked perfect for a warm and fashionable vest!

I made the pattern by measuring a jacket of mine for the back side and I improvised a little bit for the front side because I wanted the two front parts to be uneven, with the one part to be wider, covering the other part.

I cut the fur and assembled the pieces... and I added pieces from the left-overs to create the colar parts.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Under my Umbrella

Broken Umbrella into skirt

Winter is almost gone and what we're always left with (especially in Brussels), is winter blues and plenty of broken umbrellas. There's nothing I can do about the blues, but here's a fun way to recycle the umbrellas and create something really pretty!

Let's get rid of the metalic part by cutting carefully the strings and we iron the water-resistant cloth.

We make a hole in the centre and then we sew it with the sewing machine all around, so that we can pass the elastic all the way through.

 The skirt is ready in no-time and looks so nice!!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Artichoke hallway lamps

This is an idea that I borrowed from the internet in the search of original DIY lamps. It is very simple and very cute. All you need is (apart from love :-) a plastic bottle and more or less 60 plastic spoons. It's also eco-friendly because it can be made entirely by waste materials.

First I cut the two ends of the bottle and then I cut the spoons.
I glued them with a silicon pistol.

 It is very easy, it can be made very quickly (it took me around 2 hours) and the effect is very clear and bright lighting, like a nude bulb.
Let there be light!!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Winter's around the corner

Winter's around the corner

Beginning of October and weather in Belgium follows its normal trends. Temperature is dropping and rain is pourring non-stop. Time for cocooning in the couch watching movies and...knitting, preferably something warm!

It's just a simple two-needle stitch, with a puff stitch as a finishing line.

Et voila!